Bolt Banjo

​Adelin brake system was designed with Banjo bolts,brake screws,adelin ​Banjo bolts,stainless steel Banjo bolts,brake rotor Banjo bolts,M8*25 Banjo bolts for motorcycle, scooter, moped, motobike, dirt bike convert.

Full Hydraulic Brake System
Adelin brake offer full Hydraulic Brake System, including brake caliper, brake mater cylinder, ABS, shock absorption, brake plate, brake clutch.
Focus on High-end market for 24years
Adelin brake was founded in 1998, with 24 years experience on Hydraulic Brake producing who focus on high-end market promotion.
Automatic workshop
Adelin brake is in possession of first-class CNC machining workshop, automatic assembly line, on-site real time inspection assembly line, etc.
Professional Service
Adelin brake offering professional tech support, OEM and ODM design for customers, our system was widely apply for motorcycle, ATV, snowbike, Karting, Modified motorcycle, scooters.

Bolt Banjo Features:

Adelin Bolt Banjo

Apply for disc brake rotor

Size: M8*25

Materials optional, stainless steel or surface zincification.

Adelin Brake with 24 years rich experience producing of high-end brake systems, which including brake caliper, master cylinder, shock absorber, brake hose, disc brake rotor, ABS system apply for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, carting, moped, motobike, dirt bike convert, gasoline and electric vehicle mode are support. OEM & ODM service support.

These Adelin Bolt Banjo with M8*25 dimension, which apply for almost disc brake rotor.

Note: For the installation of these Adelin Bolt Banjo may require an additional brake kit, please contact us for more details. This Bolt Banjo could be used for motorcycle,scooter, dirt bike, niu scooter,ATV etc.

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