CLT-2 Clutch Lever

Adelin brake system was designed with cable clutch lever,Brake Clutch Levers,Honda Ruckus CNC Brake Cluth,motorcycles brake clutch lever,Adelin Hydraulic clutch lever for motorcycle, scooter, moped, motobike, dirt bike convert.

Full Hydraulic Brake System
Adelin brake offer full Hydraulic Brake System, including brake caliper, brake mater cylinder, ABS, shock absorption, brake plate, brake clutch.
Focus on High-end market for 24years
Adelin brake was founded in 1998, with 24 years experience on Hydraulic Brake producing who focus on high-end market promotion.
Automatic workshop
Adelin brake is in possession of first-class CNC machining workshop, automatic assembly line, on-site real time inspection assembly line, etc.
Professional Service
Adelin brake offering professional tech support, OEM and ODM design for customers, our system was widely apply for motorcycle, ATV, snowbike, Karting, Modified motorcycle, scooters.

CLT-2 Clutch Lever Features:

Cable clutch lever CLT-2

Forged aluminum alloy CNC machined

Folding Lever

Variable leverage ratio, 6 adjustment positions

Mounts to most 22mm (⅞) diameter handlebars

Compatible with Adelin brake clutch, brake rotors.

Compatible with most OEM brake systems

Universal CNC Adjustable brake Clutch Lever For Honda,Yamaha, Aprilia, Buell, BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki , KTM, MOTO GUZZI, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph

Adelin Brake with 24 years rich experience producing of high-end brake systems, which including brake caliper, Adelin Hydraulic clutch lever, master cylinder, shock absorber, brake hose, ABS system apply for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, carting, moped, motobike, dirt bike convert, gasoline and electric vehicle mode are support. OEM & ODM service support.

Cable clutch lever usually resemble drum brakes. The Brake Clutch Levers is optimized for motorcycle and scooter drum braking systems. It utilizes Forged aluminum alloy CNC machined material that provides the maximum amount of stopping power possible and great appearance.

The Adelin Clutch brakes allows the rider to choose suitable leverage ratio to best complement their riding style, track/street conditions and other brake components. The patented clutch brakes is constructed of forged aluminum and then CNC machined down to remove any excess weight. All those motorcycles brake clutch lever can be used for motorcycle, scooter, snowbike, ATV, bike, carting, racing motorcycle,Honda Ruckus CNC Brake Cluth.

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