PX-28 Master Cylinder

Adelin brake system was designed with dirt bike brake master,moped scooter master cylinder,motorcycle brake Master Cylinder,12.7mm piston master cylinder,adelin master cylinder for motorcycle, scooter, moped, motobike, dirt bike convert.

Full Hydraulic Brake System
Adelin brake offer full Hydraulic Brake System, including brake caliper, brake mater cylinder, ABS, shock absorption, brake plate, brake clutch.
Focus on High-end market for 24years
Adelin brake was founded in 1998, with 24 years experience on Hydraulic Brake producing who focus on high-end market promotion.
Automatic workshop
Adelin brake is in possession of first-class CNC machining workshop, automatic assembly line, on-site real time inspection assembly line, etc.
Professional Service
Adelin brake offering professional tech support, OEM and ODM design for customers, our system was widely apply for motorcycle, ATV, snowbike, Karting, Modified motorcycle, scooters.

PX-28 Master Cylinder Features:

Side push master cylinder

Forged aluminum body and lever

Piston Size: ¢12.7MM piston master cylinder

Piston Material: Zinc alloy

Brake fluid: DOT 3 or DOT 4

Weight with pads: ~600G

Mounts to most 22mm (⅞) diameter handlebars

Includes universal brake light switch

Master Cylinder With Left & Right side design

Compatible with Adelin brake caliper, brake rotors.

Adelin Caliper Reservoir Kits available (sold separately as spare parts)

Pack Size:265MM*145MM*95MM

Compatible with most OEM ABS brake systems

The PX-28 adelin master cylinder is optimized for dual-caliper, four-piston braking systems. It utilizes a massive 12.7mm piston master cylinder that provides the maximum amount of stopping power possible.
The piston is forged and cut, with stable performance, strong brake output, and extremely low failure rate. The lever are forged, engraved and milled, and with polished surface.

The PX-28 adelin master cylinder allows the rider to choose suitable piston to best complement their riding style, track/street conditions and other brake components. The patented master cylinder is constructed of forged aluminum and then CNC machined down to remove any excess weight. All those master cyclinder can be used as moped scooter master cylinder, snowbike, ATV, bike, carting, motorcycle brake Master Cylinder.

Note: For the installation of these master cylinder may require an additional brake caliper kit, please contact us for more details. This master cylinder could be used for moped scooter master cylinder, motorcycle brake Master Cylinder.

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